Accessori, carrelli e guide per sistema di cancelli scorrevoli senza guida a pavimento autoportanti

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Cantilever System Basic Kit

Cantilever System Medium Kit

Cantilever System Magnum Kit

Cantilever System Aluminium Kit

Steel guide for cantilever gate, 6mt. lenght

Aluminium guide for cantilever gate, 6mt lenght

Single small and big cantilever gate carriage

Single medium cantilever gate carriage

Adjustable plate for cantilever carriage

Tirante per fissaggio piastra carrello autoportante

Galvanized steel guide with nylon cylindrical roller

Adjustable roller top guide with 4 nylon or brass rollers

End support wheel

End support wheel

Galvanized steel guide for cantilever gate

Single cantilever gate carriage

End cup Ulisse System

End plate support for Ulisse System

Ulisse System Kit

Ceiling galvanized steel support bracket for guide

Wall galvanized steel support bracket for guide

Track connection

5 wheel central hanger for Cantilever gate

Adjustable plate for cantilever carriage 5 wheels

Tension bar for gate regulation

Wall galvanized steel adjustablebracket for guide with two rollers

CANTILEVER System Basic 5 Kit for small guide

CANTILEVER System Medium 5 Kit for medium guide

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