NOVA-FERR srl ARTIK COUTERFRAME Energy saving has a new ally

Artik the thermal break counterframe

The only winning strategy to face the energy crisis is to save energy!

With ARTIK thermal brake counterframes you can design efficiently, ensuring lower running costs and greater energy savings.


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    All the benefits of ARTIK

    The ARTIK subframe is the ideal design solution to ensure thermal efficiency and robustness of the window!


      • THERMAL because the low transmittance PVC outer profile does not allow cold and heat to pass through to the inside.
      • ROBUST because the supporting structure is made of steel.
      • QUICK assembly, without welding, thanks to interlocking components.
      • COMPLETE because it is equipped with accessories suitable for all types of installation.
      • HEALTHY because keeping the cold outside eliminates the creation of mould between the wall and the window.
      • UNIVERSAL because it is compatible with all types of windows and doors on the market, ALUMINIUM, WOOD, PVC.

    Less humidity

    More warmth

    Lower consumption

    More savings

    Versatility first.

    It adapts to all commercially available profile sections and can be combined with all types of frames, aluminium, wood and PVC.

    A complete range of products suitable for all types of installation and design requirements.

    ARTIK Base

    ARTIK Rolling Shutters

    ARTIK Mosquito Net

    ARTIK Mosquito + Rolling

    Efficiency for real savings.

    Designed to improve the energy efficiency of your windows and doors by reducing the thermal transmittance between the inside and outside of the building, ARTIK keeps rooms healthy by eliminating the possibility of mould generation.
    between the inside and the outside of the building, ARTIK keeps rooms healthy by eliminating the possibility of mould growth.

    Less humidity

    More warmth