Complete range of accessories for
swing gates


Our line of accessories for swing gates boasts some products that have helped to create market standards. Our line of adjustable hinges is made up of different models capable of satisfying any installation requirement, ranging from the more traditional hinges to the more innovative ones such as our Agile multifunction spring hinge.

Art. 164 - 166

Galvanized steel adjustable pintle with bended bracket and thrust bearing.

Art. 164P - 166P

Fixing plate for Art. 166 and 164.

Art. 895 - 170 - 165

Galvanized or stainless steel adjustable pintle with straight bracket to be welded and thrust bearing.

Art. 885

Complete pintle with adjustment.

Art. 888

Adjustable pintle “Pivotto ®” to be welded.

Art. 164/A - 166/A

Hinge with bearing for aluminium box sections.

Art. 253

Anti-fall safety device.

Art. 926

Hinge for gates.

Art. 876

“Pratico®” pintle.

Art. 875

“Link” pintle.

Art. 890

Round clamp pintle, to be welded in galvanized steel.

Art. 891 - 892

Connection pin for clamp hinge to be welded.

Art. 893

Connection pin to be inserted for clamp hinges.

Art. 894

Bottom pin to be welded for bottom plate.

Art. 827 - 174

Bottom pin and plate for “PRATICO®” pintles.

Art. 920

Bushing for pintle PRATICO® and LINK.

Art. 921

Plate to be welded for PRATICO® and LINK.

Art. 922

Plate to be dowelled for PRATICO® and LINK.

Art. 923

Tube for walling for PRATICO® and LINK.

Art. 924

Plate for 180° opening PRATICO®.

Art. 159

Wall fixing plate.

Art. 143 - 144

Pintle with pin for tubolar iron gates 40 and 50, upper and lower component.

Art. 145

Couple of pintles for tubolar iron gates 40 and 50.

Art. 163/40.4 - 163/40

Pintle on ball bearing – Pintle on ball.

Art. 886

Little and big articulated pintle, with horizontal adjustment, in galvanized steel.

Art. 889

Bottom plate with pin for pintles.

Art. 887

Adjustable stample pintle.

Art. 250

Galvanized stop for wings gates, to be screwed.

Art. 146

Galvanized stop for wings gates.

Art. 255

Stainless steel spring bolt.

Art. 265

Ambidextrous stainless steel spring bolt.

Art. 184

Heavy bolt to be welded.

Art. 183

Light bolt to be welded.

Art. AG20/S

Spring hinge AGILE black micaceous complete with plate.

Art. AG20G/S

Spring hinge AGILE RAL 9006 complete with plate.

Art. AG20/I

Lower hinge.

Art. AG21

Retrofit plate.

Art. AG22

Kit arm with guide.

Art. AG23

Compass arm kit.

Art. AG20

AGILE spring hinge with lower hinge micaceous black.

Art. AG20G

AGILE spring hinge with lower hinge RAL 9006.